Welcome to my blog CatsLoveCardboard!

My cats absolutely love cardboard of any sort and after hunting the internet in search of cardboard cat toys, I decided to start a blog to bring together a list of all the best cardboard cat products available for you to buy for your kitty.

I am a cat owner myself and have three willing testers here at home Grace, Herbie and Teddy. If you would like your cardboard cat product to feature on my blog, just drop me an email. I am also happy to test and post reviews on cardboard cat products which you can also use for your own marketing purposes.

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Chief Tester

Grace is a seven-year-old British Shorthair. She loves the MyKotty VIGO and is often found sleeping on it during the day.

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Senior Tester

Herbie is a four-year-old British Shorthair. He loves to play with any type of cardboard and his favourite trick is to chew it.

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Junior Tester

Teddy Bear is a two-year-old British Shorthair. He is a cheeky chappie who is into everything especially if it involves food.

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Supporting Local Cat Rehoming Centres

CatsLoveCardboard will be donating all cat products sent to us for testing and reviewing to a local cat rehoming centres once we have finished with them. We hope this will allow all those kitties waiting for new homes to have some nice toys to play with.