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Cardboard Cat Cribs by KEK Amsterdam

A CatsLoveCardboard Review

KEK Amsterdam makes some beautiful products and amongst them is a wonderful collection of Cardboard Cribs for Cats.

KEK Amsterdam is a family business that was founded in 2010 by Bas, Evert and Barbara Kok. The company ethos is to Do small things with great love. They love making beautiful things.

CatsLoveCardboard Review

They have dubbed them the ultimate cardboard box for cats, and after having put two of these to the CatsLoveCardboard Scratched & Chewed test, we have to agree with them!

These beautifully designed cardboard boxes have been intricately die cut creating fabulous dwellings for you favourite furball.

KEK Amsterdam very kindly sent us the OLD FACTORY & the WAREHOUSE XL. They arrived well packed and were both very quick to assemble, with the most amount of time being spent on pushing out the cardboard cut-out sections to create things like the window detail on each crib.

Warehouse XL Cat Crib

Product statistics

Best Feature

Assembly is so simple which makes them quick to set up


£16.99 - £21.99
(£3.50 delivery)


Would recommend the XL for multi-cat households

Pros & Cons

What we liked most about the product:

  • Easy to assemble – ready for use in minutes
  • Durable – stood up well to rough play and chewing
  • Entertaining – both cats showed prolonged interest

Our testers loved this product, so our only comment is:

  • Fragile tabs – if these tucked in they’d be less at risk of being chewed!
Cardboard Cat House
Old Factory Cat Crib


The Old Factory was very cute and suited our tester Grace perfectly.

  • Easy dismantle for storage
  • Detailed decorative features such as hearts and opening windows
  • A natural cardboard finish which our testers both loved

The Warehouse XL is ideal for larger cats and managed to accommodate Herbie, a big Tom comfortably. The above features apply to all the Cribs available in the UK of which there are eight.



These cardboard boxes were an instant hit, and for the past two weeks, both testers have been spending a lot of time sleeping, grooming and playing with them. They provide a private sleeping area which both cats seem to really enjoy, with the added option of having a quick peek out to see what’s going on in the room around them.

KEK Amsterdam Cardboard Crib

Product Details

For full details of the product visit our featured post but here’s a quick overview.

  • Price – From £16.99 (£3.50 UK delivery)
  • Size (small) – 35cm(h) x 28cm(w) x 48cms(d) / 0.10m2
  • Weight (large) – 332g
Cardboard Cat Playhouse


Grace loved the security of the Old Factory Cardboard Cat Crib and spent hours sleeping inside it. She also enjoyed using it as a hidey hole.


Herbie favoured the larger Warehouse XL Crib and, despite his boisterous play, the cardboard structure lasted well over two weeks before finally giving way!

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