Cardboard Landmarks for Cats

By PoopyCat

These fantastic cardboard cat houses inspired by famous architectural landmarks are a thing of beauty.

The houses come in seven designs including the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and The White House. These cool creations are also made from recycled cardboard, and they’re double-layered for extra durability. Your cat will love them. After all, not even a cat can resist the chance to spend a night in the presidential palace although it’ll probably still shred it afterwards.

Like many of the cardboard creations we’ve featured already on CatsLoveCardboard, this is simple and requires no tools or glue to assemble.

Created with cats – for cats, but fun and healthy for all small animals!

Product statistics


€24.99 +
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Made with 100% recycled cardboard


Decorative designs


(height x width x length):
60cm x 57cm x 67cm


N/A (Guessing it's pretty light)

Unique Feature

Seven exciting designs to choose from

The Creators

PoopyCat is a proud company from Amsterdam in The Netherlands, and although they have a multicultural team from 3 different countries working in the office, they feel as Dutch as cheese. This means they charge their phones with windmills; their office would be flooded without the dams and tulips are a valid currency. They think it is vital to support their local economy. Therefore they produce the Landmarks locally.

All images remain the property of PoopyCat.


7 Cardboard Cat Houses Inspired By Famous Architectural Landmarks

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