CAT AMAZING – Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Game

By Cat Amazing

Cat Amazing boasts to be the best cat toy ever – easy to assemble, just add treats!

Watch your cat learn, play and stay active with the Cat Amazing puzzle box. Your cat is sure to enjoy the challenge each section offers and this creative cardboard cat toy can keep your kitty occupied for hours.

Cat Amazing 3D Mock

The Cat Amazing toy has three difficulty levels to challenge you cat Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. There is also rumoured to be a secret expert level to unlock. The difficulty level is determined by the position of the openings where the treats come out. On the easier level the hole is at the bottom, then it moves to the side and finally to the top of the box for the most difficult level. Not sure how the expert level works, need to actually see the product to determine this.

Cat Amazing levels

Cat Amazing was created by Mooky with the help of his trusty human lackey Andrey.

We are hoping to be able to test this product in late spring!

Product statistics


(Plus £3.50 delivery)


Cardboard made from 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.
Printed with SGS Certified metal-free inks


Natural cardboard, Yellow, Purple and Green


(height x width x length):
8.89cm x 22.86cm x 35.56cm



Unique Feature

Up to four levels of difficulty to challenge your cat.

Cat Amazing Kitten Play

Cool Cat Fact

There is some sound science behind Cat Amazing’s colourful design, did you know that Purple, yellow, and green are the colours cats see best!

Cat colour spectrum

Cat Amazing Close Up

Where can I get one?

You can buy your own Cat Amazing Toy from this UK supplier

All images remain the property of Cat Amazing and were obtained from their website

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