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Cat Scratch Laptop – By SUCK UK

A CatsLoveCardboard Review

SUCK UK creates some crazy cat products including a set of cardboard cat vehicles, a cat scratch turntable and of course the cardboard laptop.

Based in the UK, duo Sam and Jude have been making lots of cool products since 1999. They started out with hand-crafted furniture and industrially-inspired products, but have moved on to the more obscure world of cardboard cat toys amongst other things. You can check out all their products here.

CatsLoveCardboard Review

SUCK UK very kindly sent us their Cat Scratch Laptop, and our testers have been busy putting it through its paces over the last few weeks.

The laptop arrived well packaged in a sturdy outer cardboard box. Once unwrapped it required some basic assembly, there are three tabs that need to be folded and inserted into the base of the laptop to make the screen stand open.

I did find these quite tricky, and it was a very tight fit. A little adjustment was needed using a pair of scissors to get the tabs to fit flush, but once done it was almost complete. Next task was to insert the mouse USB into the side of the laptop which was easy-peasy.

Herbie with Cat Laptop

Once assembled, the Cat Scratch Laptop was ready for action, and our testers wasted no time getting to grips with the scratchy keyboard surface. It took our tester Herbie less than five seconds to start scratching away at it. The little USB mouse on elastic proved to be an intriguing optional extra for our testers. It was chewed and batted around for quite a while during the scratch and play fun session.

The Cat Scratch Laptop managed to retain our testers interest for just over 20 minutes which is pretty good going for such a simple toy. Both cats returned to the laptop at several points during that day and over the next week to have a quick nuzzle of the cardboard edges and a scratch on the keypad.

The main drawback of the product is its small size makes it difficult for larger cats to stand on and scratch at the same time. In the video below you can see Herbie struggling to keep the thing still while he scratches at it. I found propping it in a corner helped stabilise it.

Although both cats were very interested at first, they soon got distracted, and I think had the surface of the laptop been actual cardboard rather than glossy print they may have been more engaged with it.

It would certainly have a got a good chewing like the box that it arrived in did!

Product statistics

Best Feature

The screen slides out so you can print your own and replace it!


(FREE UK Shipping)


We recommend this toy for small to medium sized cats

Pros & Cons

This is what we liked most about the product:

  • Compact – doesn’t take up lots of space
  • Durable – stood up well to scratching well
  • Entertaining – both cats showed prolonged interest

There wasn’t much we didn’t like about the product, the room for improvement was:

  • Assembly – Tabs didn’t quite fit
  • Stability – Large cats (+4kg) struggle to keep the laptop still whilst scratching as they can’t stand on it as well
Cat Scratch Laptop build
Cat Scratch Laptop USB Mouse


The Cat Scratch Laptop has some great features:

  • Fold-away design for easy storage
  • Changeable desktop display screen
  • USB elastic mouse accessory


The main benefit of this item is that it will keep your cat from scratching your rugs and carpets. I placed this on the landing carpet (a frequent scratching spot) and it did distract both cats from scratching the carpet there.

Cat Scratch Laptop benefits

Product Details

For full details of the product visit our featured post but here’s a quick overview.

  • Price – £25 (Free UK delivery)
  • Size – 27cm(h) x 33cm(w) x 22.5cm(d)
  • Weight – 357g


Cat Laptop with Grace


Grace really got stuck into the Cat Scratch Laptop, she was most interested in the elastic mouse!


Herbie really loved the Cat Scratch Laptop, he definitely got his claws into it!

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