Eco Atomic Flyers

By hauspanther

These simple cardboard shapes are an eco-friendly creation for you cat from hauspanther, the premier online magazine for design-conscious cat people.

hauspanther already sell these Atomic Flyers made from Merino Wool Felt but knowing just how much our feline friends love cardboard they decided to create an eco-friendly version too! The cardboard makes the toys light and easy to chase across hard floors. Once kitty is done devouring the toys, they can be relocated to the recycle bin. Also available are Eco Stacks, Eco Splats and Skitters.

Product statistics


(Pack of 12 toys)


All paper and card materials used in their products are partially or fully recycled.


Natural cardboard finish


(height x width x depth):
Unknown (not very big though)


Pretty Light

Unique Feature

Different shapes to keep you cat interested

Eco Flyers - Eco-friendly Cardboard Cat Toys
Eco Flyers - Eco-friendly Cardboard Cat Toys

Where can I get one?

You can buy your own Eco Flyers – Eco-friendly Cardboard Cat Toys direct from who offer UK shipping!

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