The Energy Pyramid Cat Home

By Lovethybeast

This is an interesting take on the traditional square cat hiding house.

The Energy Pyramid is a four-sided pyramid-shaped (obviously) cat play home. It has a 23cm wide by 25cm tall opening which might be a tight squeeze for large cats. Also included are three cosmic diamond cutout toys.

Like many of the cardboard creations we’ve featured already on CatsLoveCardboard, this is simple and requires no tools or glue to assemble. The inside of the Pyramid is corrugated which will provide your cat with a napping and scratching surface they can’t resist.

The pyramid is by no means exclusive to cats and also makes a great sanctuary for ferrets, rabbits and even tiny dogs.

Product statistics


SALE $15.99 ($32.00 RRP)
International orders ship $29 flat rate


Made with 100% recycled cardboard, printed using soy based inks and acrylic coated.


Bold black and white design


(height x width x length):
66cm x 56cm x 56cm


N/A (Guessing it's pretty light)

Unique Feature

Acrylic coated so you can wipe it clean!

The Creators

LoveThyBeast are an American company who design pet accessories for pets and their cool humans!

Tiziana Agnello started LoveThyBeast in 2012 out of a personal need to find just the right type of carrier for her elderly pug. She wanted a pet tote that would combine utilitarian functionality and seamless integration into her personal style – oh, and it had to be American-made of course.

After an extensive search and a realisation that no such product existed, Tiziana decided to design her own.

Tiziana Agnello - LoveThyBeast
The Energy Pyramid Cat House
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