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CatsLoveCardboard Paw Rating 5/5

Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Game By Cat Amazing

A CatsLoveCardboard Review

Cat Amazing’s interactive treat maze and puzzle game claims to be the best cat toy ever. We got our newest recruit to test it out.

Cat Amazing was created by Mooky with the help of his trusty human lackey Andrey. This cool cardboard creation can help your cat learn, play and stay active.

The toy is made up of four levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced to help challenge your cat and keep them engaged. Your cat is sure to enjoy the challenge each section offers.

CatsLoveCardboard Review

The CAT AMAZING claims to help keep your inquisitive kitty occupied for hours so we put it through the CatsLoveCardboard Scratched & Chewed test, we can confirm it’s pretty good at keeping their attention!

CAT AMAZING is made completely of cardboard which is 30% recycled material. Once your cat has finished with it you can rest assured you are not damaging the environment by throwing it away as it is 100% recycled.

We purchased our CAT AMAZING from Specially4cats but it also available directly from the website or on Amazon. The package arrived flat packed for easy transport. It didn’t take long for us to put CAT AMAZING together and it came with some assembly instructions.

Cat Amazing Teddy Playing

Product statistics

Best Feature

Very sturdy and lots of different levels to keep things interesting!


(£3.50 UK delivery)


Great for young kittens and the super curious.

Pros & Cons

What we liked most about the product:

  • Easy to assemble – ready for use in minutes
  • Very Durable – stood up well to our testers sharp claws
  • Design – well thought out and looks nice

Our testers loved this product but…

  • It did slide around on hard floors, which slightly spoiled the fun for Grace.
  • What we’d like to see next – It would be great if the creator could make some more puzzle boxes in different styles and shapes!



CAT AMAZING was easy to setup meaning our testers could start using it straight away.

  • Up to four levels of difficulty for cats to explore
  • Strong and durable
  • A natural cardboard finish which our testers both loved
  • Made out of colours that cats see best

Product Details

For full details of the product visit our featured post but here’s a quick overview.

  • Price – From £19.95 (£3.50 UK delivery)
  • Size 8.89cm x 22.86cm x 35.56cm
  • Weight – 249g
Cat Amazing Product Details
Cat Amazing group play


Grace loved using playing with CAT AMAZING and it kept her attention for quite a while. Grace enjoyed it most when filled with treats.


Teddy was very enthusiastic about playing with CAT AMAZING and being a young kitten, he is easily distracted but it kept him occupied for ages!

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