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kATRIS Lynks by Papercut Lab

A CatsLoveCardboard Review

KATRIS have created some clever cardboard cat products including this modular cat scratcher.

KATRIS is made by Papercut Lab and designed in California. They make other products too like KATRIS Blocks which can be combined into many shapes and configurations including shelves and a tree. The KATRIS Lynks is a very versatile piece of modern cat furniture and can be rearranged into many different combinations for your cat to scratch and stretch. It could be an inclined scratching post, a scratching pad, or a scratching lounge.

CatsLoveCardboard Review

The KATRIS Lynks claims to have a significantly more robust, less worn scratching surface than the competitors, and after having put this product to the CatsLoveCardboard Scratched & Chewed test, we can confirm it’s pretty damn tough!

The Lynks is made up of two sections, both beautifully finished with teak wood.

KATRIS very kindly sent us a set of Lynks to test out. The package arrived from Amazon and was very well packed. The Lynks came with instructions, four clips and some catnip.

Lynks cat bed

Product statistics

Best Feature

Looks stylish and the ability to change the shape is great.


(Free UK delivery)


Ideal for cats who get bored quickly.

Pros & Cons

What we liked most about the product:

  • Easy to assemble – ready for use in minutes
  • Very Durable – stood up well to our testers sharp claws
  • Design – looks great

Our testers really liked this product, so our only comment is:

  • Fragile clips – one of the plastic clips snapped when our tester Herbie was playing on the Lynks
Lynks Scratch Surface
KATRIS Lynks Testing


The Lynks was easy to setup meaning our testers could start using it straight away.

  • Very nice modern finish
  • Strong and durable
  • A natural cardboard finish which our testers both loved
  • Changeable configuration to prevent boredom

Product Details

For full details of the product visit our featured post but here’s a quick overview.

  • Price – From £43.95 (Free UK delivery)
  • Size (each) 9.6cm x 20.3cm x 50.5cm
  • Weight – 2.7kg
Lynks Shape
KATRIS Lynks scratcher


Grace loved using the Lynks to relax on in the afternoon sun.


Herbie immediately took to having a good scratch on the Lynks.

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