KATRIS Lynks – Modular Cat Scratcher

By Papercut Lab

This week we are excited to feature this wonderful piece of modern cat furniture.

KATRIS is made by Papercut Lab and designed in California. They make KATRIS Blocks which can be combined into many shapes and configurations including shelves and a tree. Their KATRIS Lynks is a modular cat scratcher which can be rearranged in many different combinations for your cat to scratch and stretch. It could be an inclined scratching post, a scratching pad, or a scratching lounge.

The package includes two pieces of Lynks which are beautifully finished with real teak wood covers on their sides to protecting the pads from getting damaged. You also get four clips to help you create you modular shapes and a pack of every cat’s favourite… catnip!

We are hoping to be able to test this product in early spring!

Product statistics


(Free UK delivery)


Each piece of KATRIS Lynks is made from over 200 sheets of heavy duty paper


Natural cardboard with real teak wood covers, nice!


(height x width x length):
19.6cm x 20.3cm x 50.5cm (each)



Unique Feature

At least six different configurations

Built to last

In a test, the KATRIS Lynks has provided a significantly more robust, less worn scratching surface than the competitors after the same amount of scratches.

This is great news as it ultimately means less paper shredding mess on your floor. Check out the test video for the comparison.


Why we like it

KATRIS Lynks are unique as they allow you to assemble them into different shapes. Let’s face it, our cat(s) get bored quickly so this way you can keep them engaged and entertained.

The design of the KATRIS Lynks is modern and stylish meaning it won’t look out of place in your home. Ditch your synthetic scratching posts and embrace this new cardboard scratching revolution!

KATRIS Lynks lifestyle

Where can I get one?

You can buy your KATRIS Lynks from Amazon.co.uk.

Postage is free and next day delivery is available to Amazon Prime customer on this product.

All images remain the property of KATRIS and were obtained from their website – www.katriscat.com.

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