Spoil Your Cat for Happy Cat Month

September is National Happy Cat Month!

September marks Happy Cat Month and is a time dedicated to celebrating our feline friends. With September just around the corner, we thought it’d be a great time to showcase creative ways to pamper our kitties with unique gifts.

Sainsbury’s Bank Pamper Your Pet

Consider spoiling your cat by making delicious homemade cat treats. We’ve got the puurfect recipe that’ll have them purring with delight. You can check out the recipe below to a personal cat cake that is filled with chicken. Not only is it easy to make, but it is made with cat-friendly ingredients.

Sainsbury’s Bank Pamper Your Pet

For cats who love lounging around the house, a Catpod is a great gift that will give them the space they need for relaxing. You can also indulge your cat with cardboard toys that are eco-friendly and easy to clean up. Once your cat is finished playing with their disposable toy, simply throw it in the recycle bin. A personalised bowl is another great gift idea that can also make a great decoration around the house.

Our friends at Sainsbury’s Bank have created a list of creative pet gift ideas that you can check out for more inspiration.

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